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Cross Your Heart

Hanna’s big brother Ivan is her best friend, but he wants to move to the city. Hanna knows that her other brother Jens died of an overdose there, and she’s scared that she’s about to lose another brother to the dangerous city. Her mother is still grieving from losing her child so Hanna has to navigate it all on her own and be brave, because sometimes that’s all you can do. 

Good News

In a rural, religious community a young man struggles to understand the teachings until a newcomer seems to offer a new way to receive God’s love.

‘Warrior’ – Roo Panes

International Justice Mission is the largest international anti-slavery organisation in the world, and they’ve worked with police to rescue 50,000 people from slavery and oppression. Roo Panes’ visit to IJM’s work tackling sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic inspired him to dedicate his song ‘Warrior’ to the fight to stop slavery and trafficking.


Fish Boy lives in darkness, his guilt about the past slowly consuming him. His girlfriend Laura is a light of hope in his dark world. But despite his efforts, his past continues to chase him, eventually putting them both in danger.

The Why

The director and his wife experience a crisis in their marriage. In the hope that they can get closer again, they set out on a research trip about the stunning and unknown story of a Polish general. Through the journey, the couple manages to reflect on and re-evaluate their lives.


In the not-too-distant future, Lars and Mille are trying to start a family and seek treatment at a fertility clinic. Here they are offered genetically engineered super-sperm that will produce a flawless (female) child. Mille is excited at this prospect – Lars is not. This brave new world does not favour the ordinary man – or his sperm.


Christian lives with his girlfriend Julie who has just started a new job. When Julie tells Christian she has been invited to the annual work Christmas Party, Christian starts to descend into a dark fantasy fueled by jealousy. He soon finds himself in a situation where his only goal is to have his dark version of the truth confirmed. 

Till We Meet Again

To celebrate her life, a woman decides to have a party with her old friends. A night of reminiscing about her youth and letting go.